Mountain View Residence

Equipped with full air conditioning, a private pool, 3 on-suite bedrooms, and a spacious open living room kitchen area, Mountain View Residences is an excellent choice for anyone dreaming of their own safe haven.


The primary challenge of the Mountain View Residence Project was twofold: firstly, the need to keep privacy on west and south facades while getting the full view of the mountain at the front of the dwelling. Secondly, the project required innovative solutions to integrate sustainable, eco-friendly building practices, aligning with our commitment to environmental responsibility. The complex nature of this residential development demanded a delicate balance between modern and view based functionality.

Our Solution:

In terms of sustainability, we implemented cutting-edge green technologies. This included the installation of solar panels, green roofs, and advanced water recycling systems. Our design methods prioritized energy efficiency and minimal environmental impact, utilizing locally sourced materials and reducing waste through precise planning and execution.

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